Word-class content students need to succeed affordably delivered on a platform they want to use

Work Together

Students can share valuable notes, flashcards, and content with classmates and get help with difficult concepts. They never need to be afraid to ask a question or provide input with anonymous posting. They can decide if a note is public, private or incognito.

Designed Around Students

It is easy to organize study materials by class, book, course pack, or in whatever way a student finds works best for them. All notes are backed up and safe in the cloud for whenever and wherever they need them.


We know students are frustrated with buying a $100 textbook they hardly use and tired of trying to understand disorganized notes. Our platform is more than just an e-reader. Students have the ability to view interactive e-books and content for their class while easily taking notes that sync across the platform.

Low Cost

Students are paying $800-$2,000 every academic year on textbooks. We understand they’re not buying the required course content because of these high prices. Omega Notes can provide the specific content they need without the unnecessary fluff. Course packs allow them to purchase the specific course content they need rather than dozens of textbooks they may never use.

Students Learn on Their Terms

We believe in executing extraordinary product and service experiences that help students save money, connect them with their peers, and empower them to pursue their academic dream. We’re evolving the collegiate experience by providing the digital tools students want to use at a price they can afford.

Be Green

The use of digital resources over printed text books positively impacts sustainability by reducing paper waste.