We provide tools and support to make the classroom environment the best it can be

Inspire Collaboration

Studies have shown that students aren’t learning like previous generations and most educators have yet to adapt to the millennial generation. On our platform, students can collaborate on group readings, ask questions, watch videos, study digital material, and more all in an environment designed around 21st century learners.

Smart Study Material

Designed to mimic the intuitive nature of social media sites, the Notebook allows students the ability to create and store notes, annotations, flashcards, and even ask questions. The Notebook makes it easy for students to create, share, and discuss course content.

Understand Group Work

Educators can easily create, participate in, and monitor group work. With just a couple clicks, a professor can create student groups. Professors are added as a group member to every group allowing them to guide discussions and monitor group behavior.

Involve Every Student

Students are often afraid to ask a question and engage with classmates or a professor in fear of being wrong. With anonymous posting, students can overcome their fear of social engagement with the class. All notes, flashcards, and assistance requests can be posted publicly, privately or anonymously.

Know What to Teach

When a student completes a chapter, a detailed self-assessment appears requesting the user to detail their comprehension of the content. These questions can include what the student found most difficult, what readings the student liked, what changes the student would like to see, and more.

Understand Who Needs Help

With Omega Analytics educators can track individual, group, and total course content behavior. It is easy to see if a particular student is struggling with a topic or even a specific page. Professors have unbiased information on what students actually studied and participated in. All of this data creates a clear picture of where a student may be struggling and why.

Ensure Comprehension

Easily add quizzes to a class specific Content Cloud to assess the comprehension of every student. Questions can be multiple choice, true or false, and short answer. Quizzes can even be gated meaning students must achieve a certain grade before proceeding to the next chapter.

Insights Into How Students Learn

As students use the e-Reader they will be periodically asked how well they are understanding the material. They can rate their understanding on a scale from extremely confused to complete comprehension. All of this information is displayed at the professor’s convenience in an easy to use dashboard.

Keep Students Engaged

The quiz, self-assessment, and study time analytics all create an aggregate of valuable information which clearly displays who is and is not engaged in a class. Seeing as a majority of students prefer digital learning methods, Omega Notes drives course engagement by providing the content students need in a medium they want to use.

Easy to Use

The professor dashboard has been designed and optimized for the on the go professor. Our reporting provides all educators with the most up to date information on student behavior. Easily look at an individual student, group or class behavior quickly and efficiently.


With Omega Notes, Educators can choose the content they want regardless of the source. Choose material from textbooks, newspapers, videos, PowerPoint slides, web pages, and more. Content selection is only limited by the imagination. Best of all, we can take care of all the licensing details or interface with an institutions existing content library.