Omega Notes elevates the learning experience at your institution

Student Focused

Omega Notes is committed to innovating the collegiate experience in a way that resonates with students and educators. When students are affordably provided the tools they need to succeed in a format they understand, education satisfaction, course completion rates, and overall graduation totals increase while the cost to serve each student declines.

Well Rounded

Omega Note’s framework is an inclusive platform designed to work with publishers, educators, administrators, and students. With our platform, publishers are able to provide course material at a more affordable price, students are able to take advantage of the savings, and institutions benefit from improved proficiency rates for each subject. It’s amazing what’s possible when students have access to the content they need to succeed and educators effective tools to measure their comprehension.


The Omega Education Suite is cutting-edge collection of tools that can work as a replacement to, or in tandem with, legacy teaching methods. By bringing all of these features into one platform students, faculty, and administrators are able to leverage technology and data in ways that are not accessible with conventional education packages.

Stay in Touch

Omega Notes’ patent pending interface collects and reports detailed analytics on student behavior. We collect qualitative data (notes students have taken, comments on other notes, self assessment reports) and quantitative data (time spent per page, number of notes posted, number of comments, quizzes, self assessment scores). All of the information is reported on individual, group, and class levels.

Understand Learners

Studies have shown that students aren’t learning like previous generations. Omega Note’s mission is to leverage technology to meet the demands of modern learning culture. On our platform, students stay engaged and collaborate with each other throughout the learning process.

View Student Feedback

A detailed self-assessment appears upon completion of a chapter requesting students to write thoughts on the material. These questions can include what the student found most difficult, what readings they liked the best, what changes they would like, and more.

Proactive not Reactive

Omega Analytics provides institutions with valuable comprehension feedback directly from students as they’re learning. This information gives administrators the power to institute a proactive education approach by responding to students and departments as they’re struggling rather than after an event.


Omega Notes offers competitive pricing models to best match our services to your institution’s needs. Omega Notes can source the most cost effective content possible through our publisher network. Furthermore, our distribution system can be at no cost to the institution and our robust analytics package is certain to have a measurable ROI.